Game College Denmark, an letter of introduction

Game College Denmark is a high school level education in Denmark where we transform an ordinary technical high school education into a game development focused education. Our goal is to give the students the best possible set of tools and competencies to start their journey into the Games Business.


We do this by focusing on three main areas
Educational aspect

Through the course of three years, the students will experience training in areas such as Game Analysis, Game Design, Marketing, Game Programing and Game Art.

They will learn how to work with IDEs and tools relevant to the business, while at the same time develop and design games for both VR, mobile and PC platforms.

The students will have a project orienteered approach in most of their education and they will be guided in the ways of entrepreneurship.

Study trips

During their education, they will experience the games business on different levels. On their first year, they will meet and greet with different companies and educations from games sector in Denmark. On their second year, the focus will shift out towards the rest of Europe, where they will work together with both companies and educational institutes alike. During their last year of education, they will experience the global games sector. On this one-month long trip to the United States of America, they will work with difference larger companies to develop and design their own games.


Social dynamics

To be a good game developer is also to be embracive of other cultures and social norms. We teach our students this by having a very diverse and inclusive environment that becomes apparent in our campus area. We encourage all of our students to move in and thus stay close to their friends and their school.

To help them be more embracive we help our students arrange different events, both game and non-game related. This could be all from large-scale roleplaying events, to movie nights and game jam.

In all we strive to educate all our students so that they themselves one day will be able to help form and create a games business that is inclusive, diverse, professional and fun to be part of.


Best Regards,


VID Gymnasier, Game College


Anders Vang Pedersen

Head of Studies